How to make ecosystem for Solar?

Recently, Solar Team in China accepts two new members, libear and life. So welcome both of you. Hope that you will learn more here and be a Solar Mainstay Contributor (SMC).

By the way, I will announce Solar plans and tell you where we are now.

In my plans, Solar will go these steps which will make ecosystem for solar:

1.Translate manual                    done.
2.Make official site in China            done.
3.Make Chinese forum                 done.
4.Support Windows VISTA , 7 , 2008       done.
5.Support Windows 2000, XP, 2003         developing.
6.Make Chinese API document of packages        to plan.    
7.Make a forge site for Solar packages        to plan.
8.Make Solar widespread in company and developers to plan.
9.Make a job site for Solarer         to plan.