Yetii --- Yet another javascript tab interface

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Yetii stands for *Yet (E)Another JavaScript Tab Interface Implementation*.

There are plenty of DHTML tabs scripts out there but most of them are either poorly coded, library/framework dependend or bloated with unnecessary functionality. So I`ve decided to come up with this simple, yet functional tab interface implementation.


  • extremely lightweight, object-oriented code
  • gracefull degradation in browsers without JavaScript
  • you can have many independend tab interfaces on a single page
  • you can specify initial tab
  • you can customize default class names
  • you can turn on automatic tabs rotation (available in two modes)
  • you can add next/previous navigation
  • you can nest one tab interface inside another
  • you can manually invoke tab showing method
  • you can define custom function to run after certain tab is clicked
  • you can define custom function to run when user leaves certain tab
  • you can link to certain tab on page A from page B via URL parameter
  • you can turn on tab persistence feature, so the most recently clicked tab is stored inside a cookie and remembered between page¬†refresh